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Your Impact

When you support the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Enhancing the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience

Supporting the Foundation’s Real. Strong. Women. Fund is a great way to impact all Alpha Chi Omegas. Being a real, strong woman is about more than success and confidence. It’s about becoming the most authentic version of yourself. The Real. Strong. Women. Experience brings together programming, lifelong experiences and a supportive and thought-provoking environment to inspire our members to take on the challenges that help them positively impact their communities as they grow and develop as real, strong women. Donors can support individual Foundation-funded programs – but donating to the Real. Strong. Women. Fund ensures that dollars are available to fund Alpha Chi Omega’s highest priority educational and philanthropic programs.

This video from the 2008 launch of our Real. Strong. Women. brand remains a great example of how your support of Alpha Chi Omega encourages our members to seek the heights and change the world:

Sustaining the Future of Alpha Chi Omega

Donors who create an endowed fund make a huge impact in the lives of their Alpha Chi Omega sisters long into the future.

Donors who establish endowed funds or contribute to the Foundation’s general endowment provide sustainable funding for programs and services they believe are important to the success of our sisterhood and help offset operating costs, allowing the Foundation to direct more donor resources to support priority Fraternity programs.

In addition to honoring or memorializing a loved one, donors who contribute through endowed funds provide reliable funding for the future, keeping the Real. Strong. Women. Experience relevant and accessible for future generations. 

Click here to learn how one of the Fraternity’s premier Foundation-funded programs helped Kene Orakwue (Delta Mu, University of Massachusetts) develop as a real, strong woman.

Providing Educational Assistance

Alpha Chi Omega values and encourages our members’ academic pursuits. Foundation grants further that mission, offering awards to collegiate and alumnae sisters that help ease the financial burden of their educations by covering some of the associated costs. Those opportunities are only possible thanks to individuals like you.

Scholarships (merit-based) and educational assistance grants (need-based) provide financial support through designated annual gifts or endowed funds. For the 2020-21 academic year, the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation awarded more than $340,000 to help our sisters achieve their educational dreams.

Hear from two sisters about how Foundation scholarships helped them achieve their academic goals and grow as real, strong women:

Creating a Supportive Space for Members

Through chapter housing funds, donors underwrite much-needed improvements and enhancements to educational areas of chapter facilities. This support ensures our members have the optimal environment where they can feel empowered to learn together. Through gifts to chapter housing funds during a chapter capital campaign, through annual designated gifts or through an estate gift, our donors enhance the Real. Strong. Women. Experience by helping provide safe, competitive and affordable facilities where members connect, lead, grow and serve.

Click here to see one sister’s story about “coming home” to Alpha Chi Omega.

Stay Connected with the Foundation


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Be Recognized

Our impact report celebrates the endless ways our donors’ gifts have enabled the Foundation to support the Fraternity’s programming, provide scholarships and grants to our members, and ensure a strong future for Alpha Chi Omegas.

For information about our financials or a copy of our most recent annual report, please click here.

We encourage you to reflect on your time and experiences at your college and ask yourself, would my experience have been possible without the impact of Alpha Chi Omega and the benefits it offered me?”

Melissa Proffitt (Alpha Mu, Indiana University) and Katie Glick (Alpha Beta, Purdue University)

Learn About Foundation-Funded Programs

Your contribution directly impacts our sisters through a variety of leadership development and educational programs. These programs are key in shaping our members to become confident leaders, philanthropists and real, strong women.

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