Alpha Chi Omega has impacted my life by providing lifelong friendships with a common bond. Staying connected with my sisters from Stephen F. Austin State University and my involvement in Alpha Chi Omega Foundation’s Leadership Circle has provided tremendous opportunities. Today, I am still connecting with new Alpha Chi Omega friends in the Dallas Metroplex, where we share common goals and ideas and encourage and inspire one another. Surrounding myself with these women drives my self-growth and desire to help my community and those around me.

My hope for the future of our sisterhood is to continue the support for real, strong women. Our efforts will improve opportunities and provide wisdom to encourage our collegiate sisters to lead by example. Unfortunately, we live in a world where social media portrays strong women as loud, obnoxious and tearing one another apart. Instead, we should seek guidance from positive female role models who inspire through encouragement and motivation and those who embrace and celebrate the successes and accomplishments of other women. These qualities exemplify real, strong women.

I support the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and other local and national nonprofit organizations due to the positive impact my charitable donations make. Through donations to the Foundation, we are helping young sisters become leaders in our communities and providing education about the importance of giving back and helping others in need. I have always believed that giving is much more important than receiving and that helping others is the greatest gift of all.